“Honest, stand-up provider.”

State of California Quality Assurance Analyst, H.L.

“Stopped potential freight train from occurring.

Trust Attorney, H.H.

“You come from the heart.”

Administrator of RCFE, B.D.

“Like family.”

Beloved Client and Co-Trustee, P.F.M.

I have worked with Catherine Baca, MS, for 18 years.  We have worked together on multiple, very difficult to treat patients.  I have no hesitation in giving her the highest possible recommendation in taking care of patients, always knowing all the key points and the details about each patient, including their medications, what the medical problems are, what the key needs are of the patient.  Her outstanding work has contributed significantly to the benefit that these patients get from medical care, life strategies, and organization.

Today, I saw Catherine caring for a 35-year-old female who has multiple medical problems, including antiphospholipid syndrome, multiple strokes, severe seizure disorder, history of status epilepticus and cognitive problems.  Without Catherine the patient would not have made it through the multiple dangers and life threatening features of her multiple illnesses.

Catherine is always very well organized, prompt, knows how to focus on the essentials, and at the same time has complete mastery of all of the details of all of her patients, and her outstanding judgment and personnel skills are extremely helpful.

In summary, I have no hesitation in giving Catherine Baca the highest possible recommendation.

Dr. William W. Sutherling, Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program

“ The training and services my grandson received was a large boost to his independence and self-esteem.”

Family of A.J.

“Miss Catherine Baca provided excellent professional service and personal care to her client. She always looked out for the best interest of her client. She is wonderful to work with.”

Annie Yeung, PA

“It’s a calling, it takes a special person. Cathy goes beyond the job.”

Donald Mueller

“ I can’t thank you enough for your help. You helped place an extremely challenging patient that nobody else could reach.”

Social Worker at Centinella Hospital

“I use to live in a board & care home.  With Empower’s help, I learned how to be independent. I learned how to pay my bills, do grocery shopping, clean, do my laundry and more.  Empower found excellent medical services to take care of my low vision and epilepsy.  I became a board member and advocate for my peers.”

A. B.

Personalized Care Management for Independent Living